Stephanie Whittier LMT

Stephanie Whittier LMT

Her Story

In August of 1995, Mademoiselle magazine published a piece on the benefits of massage as a preventive measure for injuries. In that article Stephanie Whittier LMT, CST, was consulted and suggested lying on tennis balls as a way of easing pain and muscle aches in specific areas of the back. After trying the technique, the journalist subsequently remarked “sounds odd, looks odd, but feels great”.

A spark ignited in Stephanie Whittier’s intuitive mind long before wellness and aromatherapy were accepted as part of mainstream culture, she recognized the potential of these concepts. Through years of successive trials and research sessions, Whittier developed T Spheres as a pioneering combination of purified rubber compound and natural aromatherapy essential oils to replace the tennis ball as a self massage tool. The benefits of both massage and aromatherapy have been known for thousands of years yet; T Spheres are the first product to effectively combine the attributes of both holistic therapies in a user-friendly travel product.

Originally created for Stephanie’s celebrity clients and their on-the-go lifestyles, these aromatherapy-infused massage balls are an essential tool for releasing muscle tension and stress anytime, anywhere. Health and wellness professionals from New York to Hong Kong to London have recognized the intrinsic benefits T Spheres deliver to their clients. In 2014 T Spheres Inc. became a popular lifestyle brand developing a co-branded product for Dragonfly Yoga and in January 2015 launched a private label Yoga-Sport Massage Ball with Canyon Ranch.

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