Rachel Mednick

Rachel Mednick

Her Story

This is Rachel Mednick. She is a maker at heart and she has always loved to sew, create, and build. Creating new designs and patterns is like a giant puzzle to her. She loves the challenge and she is so grateful she gets to do what she loves everyday.

Rachel graduated from Drexel University in 2009 with a Bachelor of Science in Fashion Design and Merchandising. When she graduated her little cousin, Lucy was born and she started making clothing for her. Inspired by her growing family, (especially Lucy and her little brother Leo) Rachel started to hand craft outfits that everyone loved.

With a background in fashion, she knows the not so pretty sides of the industry where people are not treated humanely and the environment is negatively impacted. Rachel's goal with Lucy & Leo is to be a catalyst for change in the fashion industry. She sought to create a business that would support ethical practices and also challenge people to think before they shop. Now all Lucy & Leo garments are made in a family owned factory in Long Island, NY, are 100% organic and sustainable and they plant a tree for every item that is purchased through and organization called Trees for the Future.

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