Katie Danziger

Katie Danziger

Her Story

As the saying goes, "necessity is the mother of invention," and this certainly is true for this mom of 3! Katie Danzinger’s baby had spilled formula while in her car seat, and when she looked at the care instructions, they read, "Do not machine wash." While she was trying to spot clean and wrestling with getting the cover back on she thought "there has to be an easier way?” “Why isn't there a bib for a car seat?"

After many searches, which came up empty, Katie’s idea was born. She first sought out a fabric that was both comfy to sit on and wouldn’t leak thru to the car seat. Again, coming up with nothing, Katie finally came up with her own solution by working with terrific experts who knew a great deal about fabrics. Together they developed the Nomie BabyTM fabrics consisting of a silky soft layer for next to the child's skin, a comfortable padding to help absorb spills, and a wicking material treated to make it water proof. She then had to come up with a simpler name than the descriptive but cumbersome “comfy, waterproof, removable, washable car seat cover”. The Nomie Baby name came from when her 12 year old daughter was little and couldn't pronounce "cozy" and instead it came out "nomie " It stuck in her family for anything that was soft, comfy and cozy. Hence Nomie Baby was born!

Nomie Baby also believes it’s important to give back. That’s why a percentage of all profits go to the NICU to help the tiniest babies! It’s a cause that’s close to Katie’s heart. “My littlest was born 2 months early and spent over a month in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). The care we all received was outstanding. It was important to give back and say ‘thank you’”. Katie and Nomie Baby are truly very special indeed.

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