Ianthe Mauro

Ianthe Mauro

Her Story

Ianthe Mauro grew up in a bohemian home surrounded by theater music, dance, and candles. Years later, after working as an actress, teacher, writer, photographic stylist and interior designer, Ianthe found her dream job; being a mother. Ianthe encouraged her family to light candles and make wishes every day, only to discover conventional candles were toxic! This discovery led to obsession and Ianthe created objects with purpose, the wearable candle, to bring safe, clean burning coconut butter wax into the light.

Through her candles Ianthe shares everything she loves…
Family: Many of her candles are named for loved ones.
Theater: Every scent tells a story.
Design: The bird nest logo and graphics are inspired by Ianthe's drawings.
Wishes: Every candle encourages you to make a wish on the flame, not just on your birthday!

We love that Ianthe’s need and passion combined to create Objects With Purpose and we know you will enjoy them too.

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