Helen Tyler & Karen Hill-Krolow

Helen Tyler & Karen Hill-Krolow


Her Story

Helen and Karen are two passionate and dedicated women in business who were inspired after years in other industries to begin their own products and companies. Pocket Poppet, which they had up and running 9 months after inception.

Their story begins with both women meeting up at a mutual friend's shop in Williams Bay, Wisconsin discussing how hard it is to enjoy a moment when you find yourself getting blasted with air conditioning or are extremely cold mid-way into an event. After this initial meet-up Helen left inspired and after a week found herself back at the shop with a first edition prototype and luckily ran into Karen again. Turns out Karen couldn't let go of the idea either and hours later both women had decided to begin a company together, H & K The Poppet Company.

From the whirlwind beginning to now, both women have found themselves taking a crash course in all aspects of the business from design, manufacturing and production to social media, marketing, networking, events and more! "Have a great partner to share things with every step of the way, The highs, the lows and the in-betweens makes a huge difference," says Helen.

Since the initial creation of the Pocket Poppet, the women have designed several lines for on-the-go and special events like weddings. They have been featured in publications like the Chicago Tribune and made an appearance on Good Morning America's "Shark Tank Your Life" segment, leaving as winners after their 30 second pitch.

With Karen located in Williams Bay, Wisconsin and Helen in Chicago; the women find themselves working cohesively to make their business dreams into a well loved brand that continues to grow with the potential of creating other packable American made garments.

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