Ali Krumholz

Ali Krumholz

Her Story

The idea for Zen Stems started to form about a year ago when Ali Krumholz was visiting friends and family in LA / Malibu. She needed to get gifts for her friends and hosts who she was staying with and she didn't want to get them the standard bottle of wine, candle, etc. Ali wanted to get them something great but she wasn't sure what. She ended up creating what would be her very first Zen Stem by buying a beautiful pot and an awesome looking succulent from an amazing nursery near Beverly Hills and then potting it herself on a bench outside. Ali’s friends loved their gifts so much that it became her go-to gifts for many of her friends for various occasions.

So many friends wanted one, that Ali decided she could make this a business.
“I have always loved succulents, cacti and flowers, and I have always been into everything "zen". Hence the name.. Zen Stems.” Towards the end of 2014, her fiancé helped her design the website and before she knew it Zen Stems was open for business! All Zen Stems are designed by Ali and are hand arranged. They are all limited edition and one of a kind. She tries to add at least one new design each week and she even does custom designs.

Ali is a teacher for students with special needs during the day and a plant designer and arranger in her afternoons and weekends. Her fiancé, David (who is a lawyer), is her partner, helping her out with the business and technology side and even occasional deliveries. We love that Ali found her Zen and now others can too through her unique potted plants.

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